Move Over One Direction, HASHT5 is Here!


Move over One Direction, the newest trending boy group is in town. Or at least in the Philippines… Well, at the very least in Philippine social media. THEY ARE FAMOUS OKAY, I’M NOT DELUSIONAL! Or am I?


If you’ve been following me, cause you love me… CHAROT! You have probably seen my previous videos about them; Hasht5-Newest Trending Boy Group and Ang Bagong Member Ng Hasht5. If you have not seen those videos, so go ahead and check it out so that you will not feel so left out.


Last October 10-The members of Hasht5, hailed from General Trias, Cavite were gracious enough to join me for an episode of You Ask; Do You Guys Really Take Baths? (Itanong Mo; Naliligo Ba Talaga Kayo?) Jhimwel Macanlalay, Marlou Arizala, Vincent Binocas, and I’m sure you remember, ERICK OXFORD OBREO answered your questions wholeheartedly and held nothing back. Alas, their fifth member, Carl Ceejhay Eliero was not able to make it, due to some Family-related issues.



The people in social media, or Netizens as we, cool people like to call ourselves, posted questions for the guys of Hasht5 through Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag of #ItanongMo.

Speaking of which… The first question was asked by, lo and behold, their friend!! Vrensenn Eksdi asked, when are they going to return her mobile phone. It turned out that it was still in Vincent’s house, and that he’ll return it the following day. I do not know why it’s there and if he indeed gave it back, so you have to ask them again for that. Hmmmm… Suspicious activity over here! Which also leads us to the second question, what can you tell the people who are accusing you of robbing them? They humourly pointed their finger to Jhimwel, and said that he’s the only robber.

They also reacted to the comparisons that the Netizens made, especially with Marlou who was compared to Sabaku No Gaara from the anime Naruto, and the ever so creepy, Chucky from the horror movie Child’s Play. Marlou also answered himself for the question; who is the ugliest member? You have to admire this kid’s ability to laugh about almost anything, and you also cannot deny that he was able to keep up with me. I laughed so hard with these guys, like, super, like, omg, like, PUSH!

He’s another secret; the one that we all remember, ERICK OXFORD OBREO, doesn’t take baths daily. I love the smell. But of course, no one can beat Marlou’s own brand of body odour. Just Kidding.


There were some hurtful questions from the Netizens, which is something that we cannot really avoid nowadays. Trolls are everywhere, and I will not wash my hands, because I, sometimes are one of them. The internet is a dark place, full of people with keyboards and words as knives that can cut you deeper than actual knives.

People may describe them as Jejemons, and that the number of likes that they have in their Facebook page are haters, and just there to leave hurtful comments, but let’s ask ourselves; Why? Why do we need to say or post awful things about other people to make us feel better about ourselves? Because in the end, it’s not just some unfeeling robot at the other side of that comment, they’re people too. They have feeling too, and get hurt. No matter how nonchalant they are in the video, they’re huma
ns too, and every post on their page about their parents regretting their existence will hurt them. We are so quick to post these things and not think about the people on the other side.

“Why do we go the extra mile to hate on people that are different from us?”



Check out the HILARIOUS “Itanong Mo” video Below!