How to Act on the First Date?

It’s been a month since the last LC Learns which was LC Learns #77 –  Led On? Or Hoped? (LC Learns #77 – Pinaasa? O Umasa?) and because I missed doing my LC Learns videos, you know, all that Pink stuff, Daahhlings. I knew that it was about time for Continue Reading →

Move Over One Direction, HASHT5 is Here!

Move over One Direction, the newest trending boy group is in town. Or at least in the Philippines… Well, at the very least in Philippine social media. THEY ARE FAMOUS OKAY, I’M NOT DELUSIONAL! Or am I? CRISPIN! BASILIO! MY KIDS! HAHAHAHA! If you’ve been following me, cause you love Continue Reading →


If you’re not living under a rock, you would know that it is that time in the Philippines again, where politicians, celebrities, crazy people, crooks, liars, criminals, and everything in between, rush over towards the Commission on Elections to file their Certificate of Candidacy. What better to follow the success Continue Reading →

Netizens React to the New Trending Group – HASHT5

True Friends are not the one who are there when its convenient. true friend are there when it’s not. –HASHT5 If you don’t know them by now, you miss 1/4 of your internet life. They are the most talked about teen group based in General Trias, Cavite, Philippines that makes an Continue Reading →

How to Cook Hotdog Rolls with Breadcrumbs

INGREDIENTS: 3 Eggs, 5 Jumbo Hot dogs, Cheese, 10 Sliced Bread, 1 pack of Breadcrumbs PROCEDURE: (1) Wash the Jumbo Hot dogs (kaya mo ba to!) and slice it into two. (2) Boil the Jumbo Hot dogs. Afterwards, set aside. (3) Get 3 eggs and beat it in a bowl (4) Press the Continue Reading →