If you’re not living under a rock, you would know that it is that time in the Philippines again, where politicians, celebrities, crazy people, crooks, liars, criminals, and everything in between, rush over towards the Commission on Elections to file their Certificate of Candidacy.


LC-Learns #39 – Lloyd Cadena tumatakbong Senador

What better to follow the success of the last On The Spot #5: What Do You Prefer, Showtime? Or Eat Bulaga? (Natumbok Mo #5: Showtime o Eat Bulaga?) which reached over 1.2 million views, is to ask for people’s opinion  regarding the country’s future leader, Chief of State, Chief Executive, Commander-in-Chief, Chief Diplomat, Chief Legislator, and basically, the one-to-blame-because #TheresNoForever!!! (#WalangForever)


NATUMBOK MO #5 – Anong mas gusto mo, Showtime o Eat Bulaga?

No matter the case, you probably know why being involve in the country’s politics is important.


Our future is on the line.

October 02, 2015 – After going to the hospital because of a mild case of high blood pressure, I BLAME YOU FOR MY HEART GOING BOOM BOOM POW!!! Just Kidding! I went on ahead with my trusty red umbrella, and roamed the area of Baclaran to ask the burning question: WHO ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT? (Sinong iboboto mong Presidente?)


Majority of people that were asked answered Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, even if he has not yet filed his Certificate of Candidacy, and Senator Grace Poe. Reasons why people would vote for Mayor Duterte ranged from the support of his Pro-Federalist ideals, to his eradication of addiction and criminal activities, to him having balls and teeth. For Senator Grace Poe, those who chose her they view the senator as someone who is so innocent, that she would even think of getting involved in corruption.

Next to Senator Poe, and Mayor Duterte, is Vice President Jejomar Binay Sr. who apparently loves Boodle fights(A style of eating, where the food is piled on the Banana leaves and everyone just digs in with their fingers, cave man style). Albeit, their reasons for choosing Vice President Binay were a little vague.

And after reaching the corner of EDSA, I realized that not one answered the Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas, who is also the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government. So, in order for the video to be fair to all the presidential candidates, I searched for that one person that would say Sec. Roxas. I was about to give up, when my knight-in-shining-black-backpack came and chose Sec. Mar. AND LIKE!!! I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE, LIKE OMG, LIKE DA HELL DAHHHHLING! LIKE, THANK GOD I FOUND YOU!!!

And of course, the one none of the above. I cannot really blame her for being undecided right now, because I, myself, have not seen their platforms and it is too early to choose.

For those who said that they would vote for me, thank you for that wonderful suggestion, but I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. MY DECISION IS FINAL!

Let’s again stress the important of voting, and if you’re not a registered voter, what are you waiting for?  Go to the nearest COMELEC office and REGISTER. The deadline for registration for 2016 Elections will not be extended beyond October 31, 2015.


That was it for the episode #6 of On The Spot: WHO ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT? Check out the hilarious video below!